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Current Bestsellers
  • Gingernut Biscuits Gingernut Biscuits loading...

    Moddys Ooty Chocolates
    Ooty (Tamil Nadu)

    Gingernut Biscuits

    200 Gms  |  
    Rs. 210
  • Green Chilli Makhana Green Chilli Makhana loading...

    Fab Box
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Green Chilli Makhana

    70 Gms  |  
    Rs. 187
  • Rajshahi Paan Rajshahi Paan loading...

    Mama Mukhwas Wala
    Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

    Rajshahi Paan

    100 Gms  |  
    Rs. 185
  • Jaipuri Daalmel Jaipuri Daalmel loading...

    Roasted King
    Jaipur (Rajasthan)

    Jaipuri Daalmel

    Set of 2 Packets (150 Gms each)  |  
    Rs. 130
  • Premium Punjabi Mango Pickle Premium Punjabi Mango Pickle loading...

    Pachranga Foods
    Panipat (Haryana)

    Premium Punjabi Mango Pickle

    300 Gms  |  
    Rs. 135
  • Chikki Jowar Thins Chikki Jowar Thins loading...

    Heart & Soul
    Hyderabad (Telangana)

    Chikki Jowar Thins

    Set of 2 Packets (80 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 180
  • Malabar Tapioca Slices Malabar Tapioca Slices loading...

    Altom Foods
    Thrissur (Kerala)

    Malabar Tapioca Slices

    Set of 2 Packets (75 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 80
  • Bombay Bhajke Chiwda Bombay Bhajke Chiwda loading...

    Vaidehi Foods
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Bombay Bhajke Chiwda

    Set of 2 Packets (135 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 150
New Additions

  • Gulabkhaas Sharbat Gulabkhaas Sharbat loading...

    Churu (Rajasthan)

    Gulabkhaas Sharbat

    750 ml  |  
    Rs. 270
  • Nut and Seed Okara Muesli Nut and Seed Okara Muesli loading...

    Auroville(Tamil Nadu)

    Nut and Seed Okara Muesli

    400 Gms  |  
    Rs. 340
  •  Chocolate Chunk Cookies  Chocolate Chunk Cookies loading...

    Moddys Ooty Chocolates
    Ooty (Tamil Nadu)

    Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    200 Gms  |  
    Rs. 210
  • Gud Chana Gud Chana loading...

    The Nibble Box
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Gud Chana

    Set of 2 Packets (150 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 250

Exclusive Products

  • Kaju Bhadang Kaju Bhadang loading...

    Kaju Bhadang

    Set of 2 Packets (90 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 120
  • Pav Bhaji Bhakri Pav Bhaji Bhakri loading...

    Jain Vijay Farsan Mart
    Jamnagar (Gujarat )

    Pav Bhaji Bhakri

    Box of 200 gms  |  
    Rs. 110
  • Avarebele Peanut Mix Avarebele Peanut Mix loading...

    Sanjay Condiments
    Bangalore (Karnataka)

    Avarebele Peanut Mix

    Set of 2 packets (150 Gms Each)  |  
    Rs. 150
  • Punjabi Shalgam Gobi Punjabi Shalgam Gobi loading...

    Pachranga Foods
    Panipat (Haryana)

    Punjabi Shalgam Gobi

    300 Gms  |  
    Rs. 135

Discover Great Food Brands

Discover Great Food Brands

buy India’s favorite foods online

With its natural heritage and colourful history, India is the birthplace and home of a number of cuisines. The environment, soil, climate and history contribute to unique recipes made with locally sourced produce. Accordingly, every town in India is famous for select foods or food producers. As human beings, it is natural for us to have a strong emotional connect with the food we eat. There will always be some food products which trigger fond memories of familiar hometown flavours and gastronomical experiences – it could be the sweetshop from across the street from where you grew up or a confectionery in that hill station that you went to one summer. We crave these wonderful foods. But given our busy work life and personal obligations, it is difficult for us to visit these places frequently. Now, with PlaceofOrigin.in, you no longer need to wait to avail of your favourite foods.

At PlaceofOrigin.in our objective is to bring online all those special foods that you crave the most and that are difficult to find locally. We work hard to bring you the finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, namkeen, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India. You can now discover unique regional delicacies and order from the comfort of your home. We have grown to over 450 brands which offer a wide range of products. We source and deliver from 20 states of India. Our focus is on honest pricing, reliable delivery and an exemplary service experience. From Gujarat snacks to Darjeeling`s Green tea, Coorg coffee to Pachranga pickles, Mumbai Dry Fruits to Ooty chocolate, Kashmiri Saffron to Ratnagiri mango, we deliver India`s favourite foods direct from the original producer to your doorstep.