With close to 4000 unique Indian foods available, we want you to discover new flavours every week! The FoodieCash program is our latest initiative to make great food discovery a more fun experience.

  • What is FoodieCash?

    Are shipping charges killing your dreams of relishing famous specialty food products?

    Enter FoodieCash.

    With every new order, we will credit 50% of the amount paid by you as shipping charges, directly to your Foodiecash wallet. You will be able to use your Foodiecash to save money on shipping on subsequent orders !

    How do I earn FoodieCash?

    Whenever you place an order, 50% of the shipping charges paid by you on that new order are credited to your Foodiecash wallet.

    You can use the Foodiecash on your subsequent orders upto 30 days of earning it.

    How do I use FoodieCash?

    When you place your next order, your Foodiecash will be displayed on the checkout page.

    This program starts on 29th March, 2017 and so you will be able to earn Foodiecash on any order placed after this date. For more details, please read the Terms & Conditions for this scheme on this page.

  • What are the T&C?

    • FoodieCash will be earned only on the amount pertaining to Shipping Charges paid for an order placed after March 29, 2017.
    • FoodieCash can only be earned by customers who register on and who are signed-in to their accounts at the time of making the purchase. Customers who choose to order and checkout using the Guest Checkout feature (even those who may have registered previously) will not be eligible for earning FoodieCash.
    • The Foodie Cash can be redeemed against a subsequent purchase made within 30 days of receiving the FoodieCash credit to your account.
    • From March 29 to April 30, 2017, 50% of the shipping charges incurred will be credited as Foodie Cash. The cashback percentage is subject to change from time to time. Please refer to this page for the updated value.
    • All unutilised Foodie Cash will lapse after 30 days and FoodieCash is not transferable, non-assignable, non-negotiable and cannot be encashed under any circumstances. 
    • Foodie Cash are credited for purchases made after March 29th 2017. Foodie Cash credits is a promotional offer from for our valued customers.
    • Considering there are multiple promotional offers running on the site, customers can avail the benefit of only one offer at a time. No two promotional offers can be combined at the time of making an order on This also applies to and includes all other coupons. FoodieCash cannot be earned or utilized on orders made using promotional codes/coupons/offers.
    • PlaceofOrigin Management has the right to amend the terms & conditions, end the offer, or call back any or all of its offers without prior notice.
    • In case of dispute, PlaceofOrigin Management reserves the right to take the final decision on the interpretation of these terms & conditions.