Our Story

Why are some foods legendary?

Because of the personal memories we tag to them. And because those memories still delight. Because legendary foods will forever defy every law of demand and supply and leave us craving for more. Because even a single bite can trigger a symphony of all our senses, a complete foodgasm. Because you only get that delicious original taste from the place of origin.

We all love great food. But getting great food requires great effort. Remote places. Cities we don’t frequently travel to. Inadequate baggage allowance. Standing in queues. Strict timings. Chaotic traffic. Impossible parking. Stockouts. Our objective? To get you easier access to these legendary foods.

Being keen travelers, and avid foodies, we have been fortunate to experience the culinary delights of our country. We understand the sheer joy that food can bring to our otherwise busy lives and thus Place of Origin is an attempt to bring to you the best of legendary food from the kitchens of the legends.