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    Heart & Soul
    Hyderabad (Telangana)

    Jowar Cookies

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Tea time is incomplete without biscuits. With a cup of chai, you need a biscuit on the side. Bringing to you a tasteful collection of crispy, delightful and flaky biscuits and yummy cookies from all over India. Reducing your dependence on the relative from these destinations or from your friends who are traveling to get you these treats. Order delicacies from anywhere and have them delivered to your doorstep directly from their place of origin.

Our wide variety includes the popular Shrewsbury biscuits from City Bakery in Pune. Other delicacies they serve include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Nut Biscuits, Rusk Toast, Cheese Fingers, and Parsi Batasa Biscuits. For more Parsi tea-time delights - Dotivala from Surat brings to you some must-try items! Their nankhatai cannot be ignored and neither can their delicious milk toast rusk. Another great addition to this tea-time collection is the Gingernut Biscuit from Moddy's Chocolates Ooty that is exclusively made just for you.

We can't talk about biscuits without bringing up Subhan Bakery from Hyderabad. The popular Osmania biscuits named after Hyderabad's last ruler is a definite must try. Their Fruit biscuit that comes packed with a fruity punch in every bite, Chand biscuits that so rich and creamy and Fine biscuits that are embellished with sugar are not far behind!

Some flaky delights you could find around would include these amazing Kathi Goja's that are exclusively made from Kolkata's iconic store Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick, the Khari from Dovilata in Surat and the French hearts made with honey and sugar from Moshes in Mumbai.

You love for almonds are translated into these terrific almond delights that are lined up for you. The Almond Bisticks from Almond House in Hyderabad, Badam Pista Cookies from Pradeep Sweets in Pune, The Butter Badam Biscuits from Elloras Melting Moments in Dehradun, Almond and Flaxseed Jam Cookies from Flat Tummies in Mumbai or even the Almond Strewn Honey Biscotti from Sleight of Hand in Mumbai.

Craving decadent cookies? Look no further! Explore Theobroma's indulgent chocolate chip cookies or healthy multiseed cookies. Try out our exclusive chocolate chunk cookies from Moddy's Chocolates Ooty. Sleight of Hand brings in some biscotti to the party with their Pista Cranberry Chocolate Biscotti and Walnut Chocolate Chip Biscotti. You could also indulge in the Belgian Chocolate Cookies from Fab Box or the Dark Magic Double Chocolate Cookies from Casa de Fiesta.

Try some of the Millet Biscuits for some healthy alternatives! There's Ginger Finger Millet Cookies, Classic Kodo Millet Cookies and Almond Kodo Millet Cookies from Kiru in Bangalore, Jowar Cookies from Heart and Soul in Hyderabad and Multigrain Biscuits, Atta Oats Biscuits and Oats Biscuits with No added sugar from Sapra Bakery, New Delhi.

No talk about Healthy biscuits is complete without Snackible from Mumbai. Their Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies or Whole wheat Belgian chocolate chip waffles or even their Cream and Onion Whole wheat thin crackers are definitely some of the best!

Some interesting healthy biscuits that your child would love for sure are these Ragi and Chocolate Cookies, Whole whaeat and Cheese Cookies and Oats, Honey, Banana and Raisin Cookies from Slurrp farm in Delhi!

Have these to curb your hunger or savor it as some sides. Enjoy it as a midnight snack or have it at breakfast with tea. There is really no bad time for biscuits. Order now on