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  • Organic Roasted Chivda Organic Roasted Chivda loading...

    Healthy Buddha
    Bangalore (Karnataka)

    Organic Roasted Chivda

    100 Gms  | 
    Rs. 205
  • Low Fat Multigrain Sev Low Fat Multigrain Sev loading...

    Neelam Foodland
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Low Fat Multigrain Sev

    Set of 2 Packets(200 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 171
  • DAL MUTH DAL MUTH loading...

    Jagdish Foods
    Vadodara (Gujarat)


    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 165
  • Pav Bhaji Bhakri Pav Bhaji Bhakri loading...

    Place of origin

    Pav Bhaji Bhakri

    Box of 200 gms  | 
    Rs. 110
  • Potato Chiwda Potato Chiwda loading...

    Ramprasad Chiwda
    Pune (Maharashtra)

    Potato Chiwda

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 255
  • Kolkata Chanachur Kolkata Chanachur loading...

    Place of origin

    Kolkata Chanachur

    Set of 2 Packets(120 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 150
  • Crunchy Tomato with Mint Crunchy Tomato with Mint loading...

    To Be Healthy
    Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh)

    Crunchy Tomato with Mint

    Pack of 25Gms  | 
    Rs. 159
  • Mathi Mathi loading...

    Sindhi Sweets
    Chandigarh (Chandigarh)


    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 185
  • Nylon Papdi Nylon Papdi loading...

    Shree Das Barfiwala
    Nadiad (Gujarat)

    Nylon Papdi

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 205
  • Special Rice Flakes Chiwda With Badam Special Rice Flakes Chiwda With Badam loading...

    Ramprasad Chiwda
    Pune (Maharashtra)

    Special Rice Flakes Chiwda With Badam

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 267
  • Kaju Pakodi( Cashew Pakodi) Kaju Pakodi( Cashew Pakodi) loading...

    Vellanki Foods
    Hyderabad (Telangana)

    Kaju Pakodi( Cashew Pakodi)

    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 270
  • Bikaneri Bhujia Bikaneri Bhujia loading...

    The Lalji
    Bikaner (Rajasthan)

    Bikaneri Bhujia

    1 Kg  | 
    Rs. 290
  • Gur Chana Gur Chana loading...

    Dhampur Green

    Gur Chana

    150 Gms  | 
    Rs. 155
  • Mini Kachori Mini Kachori loading...

    Bikaner (Rajasthan)

    Mini Kachori

    400 Gms  | 
    Rs. 180
  • Pakkavada Pakkavada loading...

    Altom Foods
    Thrissur (Kerala)


    Set of 3 Packets(175 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 205
  • Mattar Mattar loading...

    Sindhi Sweets
    Chandigarh (Chandigarh)


    Set of 2 Packets(300 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 205
  • Methi Muthri Methi Muthri loading...

    Manohar Dairy
    Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

    Methi Muthri

    Set of 2 Packets(250 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 200
  • Crushed Paprika with  Exotic Spices Potato Chips Crushed Paprika with  Exotic Spices Potato Chips loading...

    Kettle Studio
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Crushed Paprika with Exotic Spices Potato Chips

    Set of 2 Packets(125 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 263
  • Teekhi Lahsun Sev Teekhi Lahsun Sev loading...

    Ratlami Chatora
    Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh)

    Teekhi Lahsun Sev

    400 Gms  | 
    Rs. 255
  • Mukharochak Combo Box Mukharochak Combo Box loading...

    Kolkata (West Bengal)

    Mukharochak Combo Box

    Assortment of 4 Varieties of Namkeen (750 Gms)  | 
    Rs. 299
  • Sabudana Chiwda Sabudana Chiwda loading...

    Ramprasad Chiwda
    Pune (Maharashtra)

    Sabudana Chiwda

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 243
  • Multigrain Chiwda Multigrain Chiwda loading...

    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Multigrain Chiwda

    Set of 2 packets (400g)  | 
    Rs. 240
  • Ujjaini Sev Ujjaini Sev loading...

    Tangy Jars
    Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

    Ujjaini Sev

    Set of 2 Packets(200 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 195
  • Rice Flakes Chiwda Rice Flakes Chiwda loading...

    Ramprasad Chiwda
    Pune (Maharashtra)

    Rice Flakes Chiwda

    Set of 2 packets (250 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 243

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