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Grains are the building blocks to any meal. It is necessary to appreciate the quality of staples from a region as they impart that distinct taste to each recipe from those regions. Cooking with authentic staples is a truly delightful experience and has many health benefits as well. We at Place of Origin have searched for the best Attas and Grains from across the country and provide to you this extensive array of choices.

From Jiwa in Kolkata we have an assortment of healthy flours. There's a Gluten Free Atta, Diabetic Care Atta, Nutra Soya Atta, Blood Pressure Care Atta, Slimming Atta and Fitness Atta. There are also some atta mixes for easy Theplas and Missi Roti and not to forget our exclusive Naan ka Atta that has made is possible for Tandoori Naan to be easily made on Tawas. Mahalakshmi Food Products from Ratnagiri adds in their varieties of attas with their Amboli Peeth, Bhaji Peeth, Ghavan Peeth, Thaalipeeth Bhajani and Upwas Bhajani (Fasting Flour). From Kadhali in Mumbai we also have a Raw Banana Flour that can easily be used in cakes and elevate the tastes to a whole other level.

Max Health from Kolkata brings in their varieties of Rice with the Govindbhog Rice and Jeerakati Rice. Bhogali Jalpan from Guwahati adds in with their Jaja Chowool and Koomal Chawool. The Muksh Budij (Premium Aromatic Rice) from Koshur in Srinagar is another rice that just cannot be missed. Going the health conscious side we have a Certified Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice Mix from Nourish You and the exclusive Bengali Khichuri Box from Max Health. No collection of rice is complete without the classic Basmati Rice and to fulfill that, we bring to you the Gold Basmati Rice from Jags foods in Amritsar.

With the abundant festivities comes various food restrictions. We have got you covered. Kuttu ka Atta, Singhare ka Atta, Saamak ke Chawal, Sabudana and Kuttu Giri from Nonand Rai Bhola Nath are just the right fit. There's also the Amarnath Flour from Manjeera Farms, Sama Rice (Little Millet) from Nesara Madilu, Pure Palm Jaggery and Granular Jaggery from Future Organics.

Go the healthy route with Healthy Buddha's Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Quinoa, Organic Bamboo Rice, Organic Black Rice and Organic Chia Seeds or with Nutty Yogi's Everyday Nutri Atta, Sugar Control Release Atta, Multi Millet Atta and Whole Wheat Atta or TWF Flours Indie Flour (100% organic wheat flour), Reliq Flour (Ancient wheat flour) and Highland flour (Sharbati wheat flour) or even with Oats from True Elements. Sattu, a naturally healthy ingredient is also available with us. Chana Sattu from Jalan Sattu, Bihari Chana Sattu and Bihari Makka Sattu from Mamta Food Products and Premium Sattu from NVR Food Products.

For the much-needed taste and crunch to your meals, Max Health has flavored Boris. There's a Kalai Bori, Masoor Bori, Matar Bori, Moong Bori and Posto Bori. Ek Daana from Gurgaon brings in flavored atta with their Palak Mix Atta, Punjabi Missa Atta, Methi Daana Atta, Soya Mix Atta and Multigrain Sattva Atta.A galore of millets is not far behind. Organic Ragi Flour from Prakrati Organic Foods, Proso Millet and Foxtail Millet from Vaathsalya, Barnyard Millet Rice, Sorghum Rice and Little Miller Rice from Maha Millet and also Ragi Malt, Quinoa, Jowar Idli Rawa and Jowar Upma Rawa from Inner Being. To complete the list there are the basic lentils. Sona Masoor Dal from Kolkata, Kashmiri Dried Baegle Dal, Cranberry Beans and Ruma Masala Dal from Srinagar.

Order Bengal's Chushi Pithe or Kashmiri Red Rajma. Get Whole Wheat Atta or Gluten Free Atta. Have the sticky black rice or even organic bamboo rice. All of these and more only on