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There are always some basic ingredients that you always need at hand when in the kitchen. These are irreplaceable when it comes to cooking. Every recipe's essential bits are brought to you with our cooking essential collection. So, go ahead, scroll through our list and find the necessities when it comes to cooking delicious meals at home. From a tasty and healthy salad to a decadent oozing chocolate cake - you cannot make them without these ingredients by your side!

Add sweetness to your meals with the Organic Palm Sugar from Zealeo, Palm Sugar or Brown Sugar from Future Organics, or even Tropikoko Organic Coconut Sugar from Kokos Naturals and the Herbal Cane Sugar from Diabliss - these also come in easy to use sachets. There are also some natural sweeteners that you can use. Granular Jaggery or Sulpher Free Jaggery Powder from Future Organics are a must - try. For all of you health conscious people out there, we also bring the Stevia powder that is a nutritious sweetener and is a zero-calorie, low glycaemic, certified organic sweetener that makes for a perfectly healthy substitute for table sugar and artificial sweeteners. We are completing this sweetener mix with the Natural Exotic Sweetener set from future organics that comes with jars of Thulasi Honey, Ginger Honey, Granular Jaggery, Herbal Sweetener, Brown Sugar and Palm Sugar.

On the salty side of things, we have some beautiful crystals of Himalayan Salt. The Himalayan Rock Salt from Koshur is among the most pure forms of salt available. Use it in your daily food and taste the original flavors of this unique ingredient. The Himalayan Pink Salt from Kokos Natural or from Future Organics consists of 84 minerals required by a human body and has a less sodium intake per serving in comparison to table salt. There's also the Indian Black Salt bottle from Nutty Yogi, Herbal Salt from Future Organics and the wonderful tangy, aromatic and intense flavors of Caper Salt from Ishka Farms.

Add in some coconutty seasoning to elevate your meals. Make them reach a heightened flavor profile with the Organic Desiccated Coconut from Zealeo in Hyderabad. Love banana? Use the banana powder from Double Horse for your meals. Make some delicious banana halwa, milkshakes, cookies, or even cakes.

Ghee is something we Indians cannot move away from. It just instantly lifts the taste of our meals and makes it more and more irresistible. We have the Gir Cow ghee from Future Organics that is traditionally processed by the churning of curd, Pure Cow Ghee from Dakshin's Bangalore that can easily find its place in a number of items you make and the Gawa ghee from Ghosh Dairy in Kolkata that is typically not used for cooking itself but is had as a flavorful accompaniment.

Moving over to oils that are yet another basic need in the kitchen. We have numerous types of oil that you would need. From Max Health in Kolkata, we have a Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil, Vegetable Oil and also a Premium Rice Bran Oil for some healthy cooking. From Healthy Buddha in Bangalore, we have an Organic Apricot Oil and an Organic Flaxseed Oil. Lastly, we also have a Virgin Coconut Oil from Double Horse in Kerela that is a pure, untouched version of coconut oil.

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