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15 Item(s)

Buy Masalas, Mixes and Papads Online at Place of Origin

If there is one thing that is most significant in Indian cooking, it is the use of masalas and mixes. We Indians love to add masala to our every dish we cook as it truly brings out the flavours of the dish. If not for masalas, we make sure to add some mixes to our everyday boring food to spice it up. Another very popular accompaniment to Indian food is the famous papads. A crunchy delight, this is a huge hit among adults and children alike.

Local stores and groceries stock up the usual masalas, mixes and papads that are in fact available at every nook and corner. Mass produced and highly standardised, these products lack the kick of flavour that was originally meant to be in them. Place of Origin brings to you handpicked masalas, mixes and papads that are bound to appease your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Carefully selected from across the country, these products are the country’s best. The spread of masalas and mixes cover goan seafood masalas, andhra mixes, rice mixes from Tamil Nadu, poha mix from Indore, thandai mix and lots more.

Our Masalas, Mixes and Papads ranging from Garlic Kuzhambu Rice mix to Adai Dosa mix, from Vindalho Masala to Tomato Rasam Paste and Manhar and Sada Papad, Place of Origin will leave you spoiled for choice. Your online shopping experience just became better with our easy payment options. A host of masalas, mixes and papads can be delivered to your doorstep by just a click of a button. Payments can be made through Net Banking, Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We bring you hassle free payments, impeccable delivery and masalas that will leave you asking for more.