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    Hubli (Karnataka)


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A tasty bite of Mukhwas not only acts as a natural mouth freshener but also helps in digestion. The flavors in Mukhwas is enhanced with the addition of dried fruits, spices, and fennel seeds. They're generally sweet and aromatic. Here's a selection of dried fruits and mouth fresheners just for you!

Starting off with Mama Mukhwas Wala of Ahmedabad, their Natural Mukhwas and Digestive Mukhwas are among the classics. A tasty colorful mixture of fennel seeds, sesame seeds, flattened dal, rose petals, and sweeteners. Their fruity editions include the Aam Pachak, Chatpata Amla, and Masala Kharak Tukda. These are some appetizing and flavorsome treats made with dried fruits that are coated with spices! If that is not enough, there are also sweet and tangy churans that they offer. Jeera Goli with the palatable mix of dry mango, salt, sugar, and jeera, Dadam Vati with pomegranate extract and digestive powders or even the Draxadi Vati with healthy herbs that easily replace paan masala and supari. To complete their contribution to the Mukhwas collection is their Imli (Tamarind) Candy that is truly a favorite of children and adults alike. Their Special Shahi Kalkatti Pan Mukhwas also is just the right combination of Betel Leaves, Fennel Seeds, Areca Nuts, Coriander Seeds and Cardamom, and no artificial flavors, that makes it the perfect Mukhwas.

Goosebump Pickles from Mumbai, with their natural ingredients, brings in interesting homemade and masala mukhwas to the assortment. There is an Alphonso Mango Mukhwas, Orange Mukhwas, Pomelo Mukhwas, Kiwi Mukhwas, Grapes Mukhwas, Dates Mukhwas, Ginger Mukhwas, Cranberries Mukhwas and also an Assorted Fruit Mukhwas. They also offer some festive mukhwas packages for some interesting gifts during the festive season.

There are more mukhwas from New Tree India in New Delhi. They are great to just store in your house and serve as after meals. Try their Sweet and Sour Mango Slice, Masala Dates, Anardana Goli, Hing Bites, Anardana Mix, Nimbu Masala Flax Seeds and New Tree Wonder Berries. They also offer some delicious Aam Papads in a Khatta and a Meetha flavor. For another massive collection of Classic Ampapar and Flavored Ampapar there is Flavors of Punjab. Kala Ampapar is just the tastiest and is made with sundried mango pulp, sesame oil and gur (jaggery). Their Meetha Ampapar is not far behind. Adding to this list is their innovative Ampapar Peda, Bomb Peda Ampapar, Masala Peda Ampapar, Spicy Meetha Ampapar, and Sukha Ampapar. More from Flavors of Punjab is their classic churan collection. Anardana Churan, Imli Ram Laddu, Anardana Goli, Chatori, and Lal Imli Goli. On the sweet side of things, they bring in their mango toffee that is a pure delight.

Taste of Punjab does not fall far behind with the collection of flavored Aampapad! The Original Punjabi Meetha Aampapad and the Original Punjabi Kaala Aampapad, as the name suggests are the ultimate classics. Nimbu Masala Meetha Aampapad and Nimbu Masala Aampapad Peda and among others with the refreshing citrus twist. Anardana Churan and Chatpati Meethi Aam Chatori add in with the perfect sweet and sour balance.

Moving from the tangy notes to the sweet ones we have the famous Dulal's Tal Mishri (Palm Candy) from Kolkata and Snowball Sugar Sprinkles (Shirin) and Sugar Mishri Crystals (Naabad) from Koshur in Srinagar.

Enjoy and savor the assortment of dried fruits and mouth fresheners. There's something for everyone at