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Chai not only makes an amazing beverage but is also a brilliant ingredient to have in your kitchen. It can be had Piping Hot or Ice Cold and will taste just as good. You can use infuse it in your cakes or create spice mixes, use as stock for soups or even add it to poaching liquids. They're also a great gift for your tea lover friend.

We, at www.placeoforigin.in have a wide range for you to choose from. We have Garden Fresh Green Leaf Tea, CTC and a blend of CTC and Leaf Tea from Korangani Tea from Guwahati, Assam. Bohag, also from Assam, brings in their Organic Green Tea and CTC Tea. Bearing another assortment, we have Teasage with Lemon Ginger Green Tea, Tulsi Rose Tea, Orange Spice Tea, Morning Booster Tea, Cool and Calm Tea, Chamomile Tea Immuni Tea and also a Mumbai Masala Tea.

Enjoy the Herbal Teas from Tea Treasure. Their Slimming Tea, Lemon Tulsi Tea, Minty Fusion Tea and Immunity Booster Tea are just some of the options available. From Grenera we have some Herbal Tea bags with Apple and Cinnamon, Strawberry or Ginger infusions. Dancing leaf adds in their Rooibos Hibiscus Infusion Tea and Fennel Infusion Tea to this collection. Another Tea that cannot be missed is the Tipli Wonder Tea from Future Organics that is tasty and healthy.

Tea Trunk from Goa has some eccentric flavors in their Chilli Chai Black Tea, Marigold Green Tea or Berry Blush Green Tea while Anandini Himalaya Tea from Himachal Pradesh brings in the earthy notes in their Indian Rose Tea, Green Tea with Mint and Rose Petals, Pine Wood Smoked Tea, Dusk in the Woods Festive Blend Tea, Green Tea with Himalayan Tulsi and Pomegranate Flowers or even the Autumn Tea with Lemon Balm and Rose Petals. Muskotia Farms from Nainital makes things interesting with their Rhododendrom Tea Zahn and Rosehip Tea Zahn.

Health conscious and a tea fanatic? Our Green Tea collection is just for you. Starting things off with the Organic Green Tea from Bodoland Tea from Golaghat, Assam. Then there are Handcrafted Organic Green Teas from Assamica Agro comes plain or with Mint or Lemongrass. Adding some interesting flavors is the Palampore selection from Himalayan People with their Tangy Rosehip Berries and Fresh Mint Infusion or Kangra Leaf Green Tea with either a Kesari Mango, Wild Tusli or Mandarin Orange infusions. Exalte also has some intriguing blends with Jade Calm - a blend of Lemon Grass and Chamomile, Kashmir Vally Green Tea and Ayurvedic Antistress Tea. Kehwa from Kashmir brings in a new dimension to Green Tea with bursts of saffron. Have the Shahi Kehwa from Kanwal in Kashmir, Saffron Kehwa Bags from Kashmir Essense, Zaffrani Kahwa from Saklains Coteiri or the Kashmiri Kehwa from Saffron Cups.

Brew some fascinating concoctions with Namhah Tea from Guwahati, Assam. The Back Tea Variants are Black Gold Organic Black Tea, Cabo Da Rock Black Tea, and Darjeeling Piroshka Black Tea. Some others from Namhah include the Ashna Green Tea, Mesembria Green Tea, and the Shanti Organic White Tea. Also try some Regional Blends from No.3 Clive Road with their Jaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Kashmiri, and Malabar Blend Teas. With tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam, Tea Cups Full completes this collection with Masala Chai, Darjeeling Green Tea, Cinnamon Green Tea and Organic Rose Black Tea.

Take a sip of these tea blends and lose yourself to a world of calm. Order from our incredible range of tea at www.placeoforigin.in.