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Nothing beats the decadence of silky smooth spoonfuls of baked goodness. Place of Origin has searched for the best bakeries across India to bring to you this menu of awesome brownies and cakes. Your search ends here. From Theobroma’s elegant chocolate brownies that truly live up to their name to Omana Paul’s legendary plum cakes that will remind you of Christmas, all these beauties baked to perfection by extraordinary chefs across the country. With tastes inspired from everywhere, the collection is indeed versatile and there's something for everyone!

If you are a chocolate lover, there is a baked chocolate dream calling out your name. Delicious chocolate brownies from across the country that are you just cannot resist. Choose from overload brownies or walnut brownies or even choco chips brownies from Theobromas most loved collection. It doesn't end there. Try the excellent chocolate brownies or even the choco walnut brownies from Sleight of Hand. Still not enough? The devil's food cake from Ambrosia definitely worth the indulgence and honestly a guilty pleasure. It is easily the most sinful chocolate cake ever!! The Chocolate Chip Bar Cake from the Bake Shop is another delight that cannot be ignored!

Looking for cakes that are not chocolate? We've got you covered too! Some really decadent indulgences are coming your way. Taste our soft and buttery fruit cake from Ahuja Bakers with tutti fruity or even the tasty dry fruit bar cake from The Bake Shop. The options are endless. Have the Marble Cake, Fig N Honey Cake or even the Date N Walnut Cake from Ambrosia - The Classic Bakehouse. Kolkata's Flurys brings some delectable fruit cake that is moist and nutty and cannot be missed. Their plain cake also calls for some celebration on your taste buds with how versatile it is. Pair it with sliced fruits or even with tea and let the cake take you over. Mava Cake and Pound cake from Theobroma are other must-try non-chocolate cake. For some variation, you could also indulge in the citrusy goodness of their Lemon Syrup cake.

Moving to some festive delights that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Our Plum Cake collection will remind you of Christmas! Made with soaked dry fruits, these take the tastes to another enhanced level! Have the rich dense plum cake or the light plum cake from Nahoum and Sons, Kolkata. Another interesting variant is from Kadhali that uses banana flour in their cake! Flurys, with their time-tested recipes, bring a plum cake with a variety of ingredients that make it a delightful surprise. It also comes with a festive gift tin.

Brownies to chocolate cakes, plum cakes to tea cakes - they are all available at Place of Origin. We bring to you cakes and brownies for every occasion or even for no occasion but just plain indulgence! Tea time cakes or Cakes for breakfast! There is no reason to look back! Savour these delicate and decadent cakes! Order your box of cakes from iconic bakeries only on!