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  • Soan Halwa Soan Halwa loading...

    The Lalji
    Bikaner (Rajasthan)

    Soan Halwa

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 270
  • Agra Gur Gajak Agra Gur Gajak loading...

    The Lalji
    Bikaner (Rajasthan)

    Agra Gur Gajak

    400 Gms  | 
    Rs. 230
  • Dry Fruit Sandwich Halwa Dry Fruit Sandwich Halwa loading...

    Surbhi Sweets
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Dry Fruit Sandwich Halwa

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 245
  • Premium Karanji (Dry coconut) Premium Karanji (Dry coconut) loading...

    Vaidehi Foods
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Premium Karanji (Dry coconut)

    500 GMS  | 
    Rs. 375
  • Dryfruit Gajak Cake Dryfruit Gajak Cake loading...

    Nema Malvi Mithas
    Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

    Dryfruit Gajak Cake

    Set of 2 Packets(350 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 490
  • Badam Danedar Burfi Badam Danedar Burfi loading...

    Dadus Mithai Vatika
    Hyderabad (Telangana)

    Badam Danedar Burfi

    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 535
  • Rose Petal Laddoo Rose Petal Laddoo loading...

    Kesar Sweets
    Jaipur (Rajasthan)

    Rose Petal Laddoo

    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 420
  • Badam Pista Chikki Badam Pista Chikki loading...

    Ramanlal Vithaldas & Co
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Badam Pista Chikki

    250g  | 
    Rs. 370
  • Deluxe Mix Chikki Deluxe Mix Chikki loading...

    National Chikki Lonavla
    Lonavla (Maharashtra)

    Deluxe Mix Chikki

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 545
  • Panjiri Panjiri loading...

    Bansal Sweets
    Amritsar (Punjab)


    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 530
  • Chocolate Til Gur Gatta Chocolate Til Gur Gatta loading...

    Ram Chandra Sahai
    Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

    Chocolate Til Gur Gatta

    200 Gms  | 
    Rs. 301
  • Rajbhog Rajbhog loading...

    Manohar Dairy
    Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)


    1 kg  | 
    Rs. 255
  • Ladagi Laddoo Ladagi Laddoo loading...

    Sadanand Sweets
    Gokak (Karnataka)

    Ladagi Laddoo

    Set of 2 Packets (250 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 205
  • Hard Mysore Pak Hard Mysore Pak loading...

    Bombay Tiffanys Annexe
    Mysore (Karnataka)

    Hard Mysore Pak

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 241
  • Kaju Katli Kaju Katli loading...

    Mohanlal S Mithaiwala
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Kaju Katli

    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 337
  • Double Pista Halwa Double Pista Halwa loading...

    Karachi Sweet Mart
    Pune (Maharashtra)

    Double Pista Halwa

    250 Gms  | 
    Rs. 490
  • Mathura peda Mathura peda loading...

    Radha Bihari Misthan Bhandar
    Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh)

    Mathura peda

    400 Gms  | 
    Rs. 234
  • Gavvalu Gavvalu loading...

    Vellanki Foods
    Hyderabad (Telangana)


    400 Gms  | 
    Rs. 232
  • Kesar Mohanthal Traveling Pack Kesar Mohanthal Traveling Pack loading...

    Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand
    Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

    Kesar Mohanthal Traveling Pack

    Pack of 325 Gms  | 
    Rs. 320
  • Moong Thal Moong Thal loading...

    Kesar Sweets
    Jaipur (Rajasthan)

    Moong Thal

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 270
  • Special Panjiri Special Panjiri loading...

    Evergreen Sweethouse
    New Delhi (Delhi)

    Special Panjiri

    500 Gms  | 
    Rs. 450
  • Seasame Black Balls Seasame Black Balls loading...

    Altom Foods
    Thrissur (Kerala)

    Seasame Black Balls

    Set of 4 Packets(100 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 230
  • Dink Ladu Dink Ladu loading...

    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Dink Ladu

    Set of 2 packets (200 Gms each)  | 
    Rs. 220
  • Premium Paushtik Ladoo(Multi Grain Ladoo) Premium Paushtik Ladoo(Multi Grain Ladoo) loading...

    Vaidehi Foods
    Mumbai (Maharashtra)

    Premium Paushtik Ladoo(Multi Grain Ladoo)

    500 GMS  | 
    Rs. 335

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