The shortlist

The Shortlist is Place of Origin’s curated set of products for the month. Every month, we sit down to pick 9 products that have wowed all of us, foods that make us want you to try them.

The process has not been an easy nut to crack for the foodies that we are. We have had to navigate through 6000+ selected foods that we have tried, tasted and decided to bring to you.

And then we bring upon ourselves this daunting task to pick just 9 of them! But here we go.

We present you (drumroll) The Shortlist for this month.

Gulabkhaas Sharbat

Rs. 270 | 1000 gms


Churu (Rajasthan)

Gulab khaas sharbat is a healthy royal drink for every generation. Its blended with rose petals which refreshes you and make you feel energetic. The best part of this healthy drink is, its free from preservatives and no added flavour. You can mix this sharbat with milk, lassi, water, kheer, khulfi, faluda and lemon to get multiple taste as per your choice and requirements.( Not for use for diabetic patients). So this summer beat the sun heat with dadaji's gulaab khas sharbat. A royal drink for royal taste lovers.

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Anjeer Pak (Low Sugar)

Rs. 495 | 250 gms

Ramanlal Vithaldas & Co

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

The difference between regular sweets & Ramanlal Vithaldas sweets lies in the quality of dryfruit used. Raman Vithaldas & Co ensures that only the most plump & moist figs are used with roasted crunchy nuts to create a memorable dryfruit mithai. In this variant, the natural sugars in figs impart the sweetness without any additional sugar being added. Relative to other mithai, these are healthier options with the focus on the dryfruit quality.

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Sattur Garlic Seeval

Rs. 160 | 180 gms

M.S. Shanmuganadar Mittai Kadai

Sattur (Tamil Nadu)

Rich in flavour, this authentic Sattur Garlic Seeval brings alive the tastes of South India in every bite. It's a classic Ribbon Pakoda with a lovely garlic flavour and is best enjoyed with a hot cup of desi chai.

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Nylon Poha Chiwda

Rs. 239 | 400 gms


Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Nylon Poha Chiwda is a popular Maharastrian festive snack. Sweet and savoury, this chiwda is made with poha or pressed rice and dry fruits. It goes best as evening snack for kids and adults.

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Jackfruit Papad

Rs. 205 | 90 gms

The Earth Reserve

Bangalore (Karnataka)

These papads can be deep fried or if you are looking for a healthy option to cook it without oil, you could simply grill it over a low flame. Papads can also be cooked, without oil, in the toaster or microwave. Make sure that the toaster is on a light toast setting and that you keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

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Mango & cardamom Chutney

Rs. 279 | 200 gms


Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)

If you prefer your pickle to be sweet over spicy then Mango and Cardamom Chutney is the best choice for your palate. Sweet, sour and fruity in taste, this chutney is made with shredded raw mangoes and mixed well with cardamom and fennel seeds. To enjoy the most of its flavour have it with chapattis and khakras. You can also use it as a spread over toasts and sandwiches.

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Chocolate Stick Jaws Toffees

Rs. 430 | 500 gms

Elloras Melting Moments

Dehradun (Uttrakhand)

Elloras Melting Moments from Dehradun bring you their iconic Chocolate Stick Jaws Toffees. These delicious, chewy, chocolate candies are a great treat. Your kids will love these toffees and they also make a great gift box to give on special occasions.

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