Republic day 2019

The Shortlist is Place of Origin’s curated set of products for the month. Every month, we sit down to pick 9 products that have wowed all of us, foods that make us want you to try them.

The process has not been an easy nut to crack for the foodies that we are. We have had to navigate through 6000+ selected foods that we have tried, tasted and decided to bring to you.

And then we bring upon ourselves this daunting task to pick just 9 of them! But here we go.

We present you (drumroll) The Shortlist for this month.

Green Tea with Mint and Rose Petals

Rs. 500 | 50 gms

Anandini Himalayan Tea

Kangra (Himachal Pradesh)

Its when the cool Mint holds hand with fragrant Rose Petals while wading through refreshing mild Green Tea infusion the perfect cup is created. After the day has come to an end relax, take a deep breath, and make yourself a war mug of Tranquality. The infusion has a honey note, refreshing and mild. The ensemble lingers on the palate, with a subtle hint of sweetness.

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Shrewsbury Biscuits

Rs. 565 | 1000 gms

City Bakery

Pune (Maharashtra)

You havent had a real biscuit until you`ve had the famed Shrewsbury biscuit of Pune. Made to British perfection by the famous Irani bakers of City Bakery, these biscuits deliver happiness in every bite. Traditionally, a Shrewsbury biscuit is a classic English dessert, named after Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire. They are made from dough that contains sugar, flour, egg, butter and lemon zest. Chunky and crumbly to bite into, these biscuits are delightful at any time of the day. These complement our Indian chai well.

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Rich Plum Cake Tin 500g

Rs. 375 | 500 gms


Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Rich Plum Cake from McRennett now comes in Tin containers reminding you of the olden times! McRennett has been a household name since decades in Madras and their plum cake sets a reliable standard as well. Made with a mix of dates, raisins and other choice fruits, this is a tasty yet affordable alternative if you're craving for this cheery, dark delight after Christmas! Enjoyed best during teatime or as an anytime delicious snack!

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Rs. 470 | 100 gms

Tangy Jars

Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

All the goodness and deliciousness of kisi, amplified multiple times. That's how our kiwi tastes like. Made using only kiwi and nothing else, the kiwi lasts a very long time. We are sure you will consume it in few minutes rather than months. The kick of exotic taste, the punch of all that citrusy flavour will take your breath away

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Apricot Marmalade

Rs. 379 | 240 gms

The Gourmet Jar

Noida (Uttar Pradesh)

Luscious and bright, this marmalade combines the delicate flavour of apricots with the zest of citrus. Packed with flavour, it’s like sunshine on your morning toast. Use as a glaze, as a cake filling, as a dessert topping, or just eat as it is!

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Sonapari Mukhwas

Rs. 135 | 200 gms

Mama Mukhwas Wala

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

A great meal deserves an equally good mouth freshener! Made with a melange of traditional ingredients such as crushed betel leaves, sweetened rose petal paste, fennel seeds (saunf), cardamom etc, this light and flavourful mukhwas is perfectly named as the Sonpari Mukhwas - like a golden fairy that is sure to delight you after every meal! Stock up on our latest PlaceofOrigin Exclusive - the Sonapari Mukhwas from Mama Mukhwas, Ahmedabad and complete every meal on the perfect note!

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Jaipuri Daalmel

Rs. 140 | 240 gms

Roasted King

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Experience the best of Jaipur's roasted snacks with our crunchy Jaipuri Daalmel that is loaded with lentils, seeds, and hints of sweet muri. With perfectly balanced sweet and salty flavors, it's a great solution to all your hunger pangs.

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Kooler Chutney

Rs. 190 | 500 gms


Kolkata (West Bengal)

Kooler Chutney or chutney made with ripe Indian jujube fruits, also known as red dates or Chinese dates, is a classic Bengali’s Saraswati Puja favourite chutney. This sweet and sour chutney is best enjoyed with Khichdi and also on its own when your taste buds want something tickling to nibble on.

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Nolen Gur Karapak Sandesh

Rs. 396 | 425 gms


Kolkata (West Bengal)

The words "Nolen Gur" are enough to arouse the nostalgia of Bengalis & people who love Bengali food. This date palm jaggery is an intrinsic part of Bengali culture and is synonymous with the Winter periods. The Nolen Gur Jalbhara Karapak is is one of the exquisite delicacies from the house of Gangurams. Jalbhara refers to a juicy centre within the sandesh and karapak refers to the hard dry outer texture of the sweet. Please note: By definition, "karapak" means that the sweet is prepared in a way such that it has a naturally hard outer texture. This is the natural form of Bengali Karapak. Owing to the special karapak texture, these sweets transport well and have good shelf life for consumption.

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